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How To Grow Palm Trees
The Art of Seed Propagation


Stage 1 - Preparation Period

The Seed PodsGrowing palm trees efficiently is a skill we've mastered over the years. First we harvest the healthiest seed pods from the different exotic palm species that we carry. Then we collect the very best seeds from each pod.

Seeds Soaking in BrineNext we soak the seeds for up to a week in a mixture of 2 parts water, and 1 part GroGanic fertilizer. This breaks down the hard outer cambium shell and energizes the seeds for Stage 2.

After soaking, we move the seeds onto our Stage 2 Propagation Conservatory.

Stage 2 - Prenatal Period

Stage 2 is the next step in how we grow our palm trees. The seeds are kept in a climate-controlled area devoid of the elements to encourage maximum growth in a minimal time.

The Seed BedsThe seeds are planted in special seed beds with an ultra-rich mixture of humus high-nutrient soil that allows them to sprout more efficiently. This concept is not too different from an incubator. We are providing the seeds with their favorite conditions for growing.

With regular watering and fertilizing with GroGanic, we watch typical seedlings appear after 6 to 8 weeks -- however with our slower growing species of palms it can take up to 8 months.

Once the seedlings appear, our horticulturists transplant the seedlings into special liner cups and move them into the Stage 3 Propagation Commissary.

Stage 3 - Infantile Period

Stage 3 CommissaryStage 3 is the next step in how to grow palm trees. The seedlings are again kept in a climate controlled area where they remain for up to a year. This stage is what truly promotes healthy root development by allowing the palms to fill out their liner cups completely.

They are watered routinely and fed with GroGanic on a regular basis to promote maximum growth rates.

Once the seedlings have reached 6" to 8" inches in height, they are transplanted to 1 gallon containers and moved into the Stage 4 Propagation Greenhouse.

Stage 4 - Adolescent Period

Stage 4 Watering SystemsThe seedlings will now call the Stage 4 Propagation Greenhouse their home for the next year as these future palm trees continue to grow. During this time they are continually fed GroGanic on a regular basis and are put on special irrigation systems to make sure they receive proper precipitation in just the right amounts.

Stage 4 GreenhouseIt is during this stage that the seedlings truly start to mature and take on the defining characteristics of young palms such as the distinctly rich green feather-shaped foliage and slender trunks.

Stage 5 - Young Adult Period

5 Gallon PalmsOnce the palm trees reach 1' to 2' feet in height, they are transplanted to 5 gallon containers and moved into the Stage 5 Propagation Area. In Stage 5, the young palms will now fill out their roots and foliage even further as they move towards total maturity.

With the combination of our warm greenhouse environment and weekly GroGanic feedings, we have moved up the growing process by up to a year.

Once the palms are approximately 4' feet tall and beginning to split their leaves, we transplant them to 15 gallon containers and ship them to our Solana Select East Growing Center in Ramona, California.

Stage 6 - Mature Adult Period

15 Gallon PalmsWhile at the Ramona Growing Center, we can take advantage of the constant warm sunlight and rarely overcast skies. Here the palm trees will continue to be watered regularly and fed with GroGanic while being kept in the sun at all times to fully maximize their growth potential.

After 9 to 12 months the palm trees are about 6' to 7' feet tall and fully matured. The majority of the 15 gallon palms are now classified as "Salable Inventory".

Stage 7 - A Marketable Product

Box FillersAt this point the matured palms are ready to be sold and are added to our catalogue. Depending on our inventory status, we will transplant a percentage of our 15 gallon palm trees into 18" and 24" inch boxes.

18" Box PalmsThere they will remain for 12 to 24 months as they grow and mature into even larger palms.

24" Box PalmsThese palms can then be effectively used for customers who don't want to wait several years for their trees to become fully grown and instead want a more immediate look of plant maturity on their property.