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Organic Liquid Blood and Bone

What is GroGanic?

GroGanic is organic liquid blood and bone for plant life, without the offensive smell of blood meal. It also doesn't attract insects or dogs and is extremely easy to apply. It is imported from New Zealand and is only available direct from Solana Select (the US distributor, hence the very reasonable price.)

GroGanic is a general purpose fertilizer that promotes amazing growth on all plant life. Once you use GroGanic you will never contemplate using any other fertilizer. GroGanic is extremely simple to use. 1 tablespoon per 1 gallon of water or mix 50/50 in a Miracle Gro hose-end sprayer and fertilize your entire garden in 15 minutes.

GroGanic All-Purpose Liquid Fertilizer
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The results will not only blow you away, but you
will never use another fertilizer again. Guaranteed!!

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